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COMFORTline – reliable and high quality gas injection systems dedicated to cars from middle and high class segment.

Within this line we offer installations based on the latest development in our ever expanding range of advanced gaseous fuel equipment for sequential gas injection system - VELA FREESTYLE, which offers painless and reliable component connection.(*)


Vela FREESTYLE application is dedicated to 2, 3 and 4 cylinders, with multipoint petrol injection for naturally aspirated and turbo engines, equipped with Lambda sensor monitoring, and can easily handle engines with power ranging from 20 to 250 HP.

Control unit has intuitive (self) calibration when running on gas by means of using the same references as petrol, full diagnostic of engine running on gas, and is equipped with all necessary sensors: reducer temperature sensor, serial pressure sensor, gas temperature sensor and engine load sensor (MAP). 

Advantages of Vela FREESTYLE control unit

    • Fitting application adapts to both LPG and CNG fuels
    • Space saving and very compact design
    • Simple installation and with plug and play for fast connection
    • Auto detection of RPM value and injection management type (*)
    • Equipped with all necessary sensros:
      • reducer temperature sensor
      • serial pressure and gas temperature sensor
      • engine load sensor (MAP)


  • Advanced diagnostics during the run on gas
  • Equal performance when running on gas and petrol
  • Extended functionality of the changeover switch
  • Extra tuning for winter and summer conditions
  • Intuitive (self) calibration when running on gas by means of using the same references as petrol 

(*) Wire looms for petrol injectors to suit Bosch, Japan plugs are available



  • Supply Voltage: V batt. = 8 ÷ 16V
  • Operating Temperature: -40 ÷ 90o C
  • Current absorption with the actuators disabled: I = 0,0A 
  • Current absorption in standby mode: I max  ≤ 0,1A 
  • Injectors: I max = 6A, V batt. max =16V 
  • Gas Pressure: P max = 4,0 Bar 

COMETA-i and DRAGO GRANDE reducers

  • ensure low gas consumption and quick switching petrol to gas

ARANCIO and BIANCO injectors

  • equal and precise dosage, easy and simple service

Hit and MoreMo tanks

  • wide range of dimensions, low weight and quick assemble

Tanks equipment MVA AT02 ELPIGAZ

  • different position assembly  (lying, aerial, stand) and easy fitting