About autogas we know everything


(Stella EOBD)
2÷12* cylinders

(Stella POLARE)
2/3/4 cylinders

(Stella MARIS)
2/3/4 cylinders

Auto adaptation and correction of mixture based on vehicle`s OBDII signal

OBD II data visualisation and reading

Very low power consumption with the ignition turned off: Iq < 10 µA

Emulation of current sensor (broadband) - UEGO type

Switching to petrol on low gas temperature ;

Automatic protection against running on too lean gas mixtures  NOVELTY!

Scaler change for "Bank (regulator) 2"
Correction for second cylinders „bank” (6,8 cyl)

Diagnostic for electric circuit (according to R115)

Auto adaptation of petrol injectors emulation
Wide range of emulation for miscellaneous petrol injectors (resistances, controlling)

Automatic RPM detection
No need of wire (brown) connection for RPM signal

Separate control of solenoid valves
Separate solenoid valve powering on the reducer and the multivalve

Petrol injectors diagnostic

Gas injectors diagnostic

Gas injectors switching on/off for diagnostic

Extended map (12x12)

Sequential change over: petrol - gas

Idle stabilisation on petrol

Petrol running on idle ®
In case of non linear working range of gas injector

Petrol addition during running on gas ®
Petrol adding or petrol changeover – in setted loading range

Waterproof socket in ECU

Starting on gas on a hot engine
Possibility of the engine start directly on gas fuel

Function of Lambda sensor emulation
0-1V; 0,8-1,6V; 1-0V; 0-5V; 5-0V

"Valvetronik/Start Stop" option
Run on gas keeping function of the gas control unit during engine off or +12V ignition on signal decay

"Multiair" option
Function used in cars where the change of vacuum value in manifold intake (ex. BMW, FIAT) do not occur

Multilayer control processor

Petrol injection disconnection without circuit interruption

Automatic switching on petrol during gas pressure decrease

Automatic return (temporary) on petrol after exceeding certain gas injection time
Maximal injector opening time overrun in RPM function

Gas injector selection
Verde  IG-3 Ohm/IF 2 Ohm, Argento IG 3 Ohm/IF 2 Ohm, Rosso, I-Plus, Elisa

Working pressure selection (Delta P)
Wide range 0,85 -2,0 Bar

Change of strategy option – „Sequential MJ”
Change from full sequence to mini sequence during engine run

"Extra-injection" option
Filter for correct start of gas injector opening (for pre-injections)

"Enrichment in acceleration" option
Correction of gas injector opening time during acceleration

"Weaking on Mazda"
Filter for correct gas injector opening time (during injectors)

"Injection phase advance"
Earlier gas injector opening than petrol injector opening

Verification of selected calibrated nozzles

Parameters registration
Data recorder (time depended on the operations memory on hard disk)

Petrol injectors disconnection without circuit interruption ®
The pause do not occur in the petrol injectors circuit during changeover to gas

Intuition MENU of software handling

Scale changeover on map
The possibility of the injectors and RPM time range change on map

Overall functions of "ELPIGAZ N" software
Temperature changeover from petrol to gas

Selection of changeover type: petrol/gas
during deacceleration / acceleration

RPM for petrol/gas switching
RPM od 300 1/n

Selection of gas type

Selection of petrol injectors control type
Full group, sequence, MJ sequence

Selection of cylinders quantity

RPM signal type

Type of RPM signal input
1 coil per cylinder / double coil / rev-counter / rev-counter 2

Time of petrol/gas phases` superposition
Time from 0 to 2 ms

Delay for changeover from petrol to gas
Time from 25 ms

Advanced turning on of solenoid valves before changeover to gas
Solenoid valves opening before gas injectors turn on

Gas level sensor selection
LPG resistive/ LPG 9 threshold / CNG/ non standard/non standard reversed

Calibration of gas level display
Sensor`s display adjustment to switch display

Control units reprogramming option
Firmware actualizations

Registration of running on gas and petrol
Moto hours amount saving

Calibration files import and export on control unit

Sending files via e-mail directly from software
With the usage of Outlook

Software works with miscellaneous versions of Windows7,Vista, XP

Petrol/gas/petrol switching directly in software

New, fast type of petrol emulator ®

Auto calibration

Self diagnostic

I-PLUS (LINE MAP) auto calibration
Equal map of gas injectors control

Lambda sensors
After wires disconnection

Extra injection correction


Wi-Fi interface              
Wireless connection of control units with PC


® AEB patented solution
* engines with more than 8 cylinders require two control units