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LPG tanks are used for storing the fuel mixture of liquid propane and butane for engines in cars, delivery vehicles, lorries and buses.                                                 

Various type LPG tanks with various sizes are used for vehicle gas systems. ELPIGAZ manufactures full variety of tanks designed for installation in vehicles:

  • Cylindrical tanks - cylinder-shaped tanks with diameters from 200 up to 450 mm and length from 180 up to 11737 mm, which gives capacity from 4,7 up to 240 litres. 
  • MVA toroidal tanks and Toroidal tanks with 4 holes - circular (torus-shaped) tanks with diameters from 565 up to 720 mm and height from 180 up to 300 mm, which gives capacity of 107 litres in MoreMo tanks or 100 litres in Hit tanks
  • Large capacity tanks LC - the largest LPG tanks for vehicles in the market, with diameters from 565 up to 720 mm, length from 350 up to 1400 mm and capacity from 74 up to 545 litres.

Hit MoreMo tanks and have been awarded the European Medal of BCC, which is given to products that meet European standards. The organiser of non commercial enterprise under the name European Medal are the Business Centre Club, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and European Social and Economic Committee seated in Brussels. Nominated  product must comply with standards required by law, having relevant licences and patents.

Car designs change towards maximum use of space and lowering weight along with increasing range after refuelling. MoreMo (More & Modern) and HIT (traditional installation and lower weight) tanks meet these expectations.

Fig. Comparison of MoreMo and Hit tanks

MoreMo and Hit tanks have all functions of available toroidal tanks, and due to modern design, they also have a lot of valuable advantages:

 MoreMo tanks 

 Hit tanks 

  • larger LPG capacity with similar dimensions
  • traditional installation: in two and four points
  •  innovative, simple, single-point installation
  • lower weight with similar capacities
  • wide range of used fittings (MVA and 4-hole)
  • wide range of used fittings (MVA)
  • various installation configurations (lying, pendant, standing)
  • various installation configurations (lying, pendant)

Awarded modern ELPIGAZ tanks are manufactured in factory with more than a half-century tradition in the production of pressure vessels for automotive, meet all the requirements of national and European standards, and according to Quality System ISO 9001. It should also be noted that the LPG tank corrosion security technologies are used the same as in the production of compressed air tanks (for braking systems) that provide long-term operation when mounted on the vehicle frame, even under aggressive external factors.


EPLIGAZ LPG tanks meet all requirements specified in Polish (TDT) and international regulations (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Regulation No. 67R01, GOST; UkrCEPRO). Information with lists of tanks and certificates is available  in the following pages concerning individual types of tanks: cylindrical, toroidal MVA ,toroidal 4-hole and large capacity tanks.