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Installations in accordance with the rules of R115 meet EURO 4 emission standards and cooperate with EOBD system.

The Regulation No. 115, in force in the European Union, applies to specific LPG and CNG retrofit systems to be installed in motor vehicles for the use of LPG in the propulsion system. The most important criteria for installations in accordance with the rules of R115 required installations to meet EURO 4 emission standards and good gas control system compatibility with EOBD. The Regulations No. 115 defines the components of LPG retrofit system. For installation, you can use only the components listed in the "List of equipment" pursuant to Regulation No 115.

The list of vehicles that can be adapted to ELPIGAZ gas installation in accordance with the Regulation No 115:


LPG retrofit system pursuant to Regulation No 115  is precisely match up with a specific car model.