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POPULARline – branded and complete gas injection installations dedicated to clients looking for economical solutions.

Sequential gas injections from POPULARline series are equipped with the newest STELLA MARIS control unit, which ensures precise dosage of gas.

Stella MARIS 

Stella MARIS  is a 4th generation sequential gas injection  dedicated to new and old vehicles without EOBD system, and equipped with 2, 3, 4 cylinders engines with sequential, semi-sequential and full group type of injection up to 200HP.

The control unit is equipped with all necessary sensors: reducer`s temperature sensor, engine load sensor (MAP), and also an extra injectors option. It also has a possibility of wireless connection with a PC.

Advantages of Stella MARIS control unit:

  • Small dimensions (145 x 106 x 35 mm), 
  • RPM self detection,
  • Diagnostic of petrol injectors disconnection,
  • Autocallibration,
  • Wireless connection with PC, 
  • All necessary sensors included:
    • reducer temperature sensor,
    • engine load sensor (MAP).
  • Equal driving parameters on gas as on petrol. 


  • Supply voltage: V batt = 10 ÷ 16V
  • Operating temperature: -40 ÷ 125o C
  • Current absorption (actuators disabled): I max ≤ 0,5A 
  • Current absorption in standby modei: I standby ≤ 5mA 
  • Injectors: I max = 6A, V batt, max =16V 
  • Gas valves (2 outputs):
    • P max = 50W, I max = 4A (common output)
    • P max = 25W, I max = 2A (separate outputs)
    • Gas pressure: P max = 4,5 Bar 

DRAGO and COMETA-I reducers

  • ensure low gas consumption and quick switching petrol to gas.


  • equal and precise dosage, easy and simple service.

Hit and MoreMo tanks

  • wide range of dimensions, low weight and quick assemble.

Tanks equipment: MVA Elpigaz AT02

  • different position assembly  (lying, aerial, stand) and easy fitting.