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Elpigaz offer a wide range of LPG car systems dedicated to the newer vehicles, and the older ones as well. Elpigaz LPG installations always fulfil rigorous quality and technical requirements despite of cars` age, which it is assembled in. We guarantee a warranty for 5 years or 100 000 km for the best injectors and gas control units in our offer, which only certify the highest level of this products on the market.

Complete branded Elpigaz installations 
guarantee proper working in vehicles, which are assembled in. Homologations published by The Minister of Infrastructure in accordance with European regulations – Regulation EKG ONZ No. 115, for over 1 000 cars, confirm the high quality of our installations.


         Elpigaz offer includes three products series:


  1. EXCLUSIVEline - the highest quality products series for the newest cars dedicated to the most demanding clients.
  2. COMFORTline - the series of reliable, high quality products dedicated to cars from medium and high class segment.
  3. POPULARline - series of branded and complete gas injection systems dedicated to clients looking for economical solutions.






Line of the most technologically advanced products, perfect for cars from medium and high class segment with the newest 2,3,4,6,8,12 cyl. engines. It is dedicated to the most demanding clients, interested in the best solutions on the market. EXCLUSIVEline is based on Stella EOBD electronic which works with EOBD vehicle diagnostics. Exclusiveline series is a group of products, which Elpigaz offers to customers and users of new cars, who are not condemned to buying expensive petrol, and can easily entrust  specialists from the autogas branch with their own car. Stella EOBD ECU is the newest technical concept which guarantees full satisfaction from using in modern vehicles.

In this specific group is also available Stella 4DPI – system for cars with 4 cylinders petrol direct injection engines (into combustion chamber).  List of cars with petrol direct injection supported by Stella4DPI system.



Line of reliable and high quality installations, dedicated to the newest and older cars from medium and high class segment with 2,3,4 cylinders multipoint turbo and naturally aspirated engines from 20 to 200 HP. COMFORTLine series includes Stella Polare control unit which guarantees high quality at reasonable price. Product line from Comfortline series guarantee very good usability and technical aspects in cars, where clients do not need highest product line, but still need good quality. 



Sequential gas installations of 4th generation are based on Stella Maris electronics, which are dedicated to cars with multipoint petrol injection to the intake manifold, equipped with catalyst and Lambda sensor. POPULARline series is dedicated to the older generation of vehicles without EOBD diagnostics, and to clients who are looking for economical solutions.