Sobre autogas lo sabemos todo

MoreMo large capacity tanks are the largest vehicle LPG tanks in the world. They may replace several tanks with lower capacities. 

Large vehicles need more fuel, also if they run on LPG. Instead of installing and connecting several traditional tanks, one high capacity MoreMo tank may be used. This tank is specially useful for lorries, buses and construction or agricultural machinery. The high capacity MoreMo tank, also known as the special tank, may be used for LPG fuelling of stationary devices (power units, pumps).

Innovative solutions used in MoreMo tanks allow to produce LPG tanks with dimensions from 565 up to 720 mm, which gives - along with the available range of lengths from 300 up to 1400 mm - capacity of 62 up to 545 litres. These are the largest vehicle LPG tanks available in the world.

MoreMo large capacity tanks are available in the “HORIZONTAL” version for horizontal installation and in the “VERTICAL” version for vertical installation. Each version has appropriate mounting accessories which enable easy installation oflarge capacity tanks on vehicles.

MoreMo high capacity LPG tanks provide:

  • Large capacity LPG tanks, not present on the market until now
  • Wide range of vehicles for which they are applicable - cars and delivery vehicles, tractors, mobile and agricultural machinery
  • Possibility of replacement of several small tanks with one large tank - to cover long routes of vehicles or guarantee long operating time of a machine
  • Simple and convenient installation - without necessity of chassis modification
  • Fittings with 4 openings (Dutch type), located inside the tank