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MoreMo tanks with 4 openings may be installed in a standing configuration (“STAND” version)

Toroidal tanks are the most frequent tank type used in car gas systems. Typical toroidal tanks are installed in the boot in the spare wheel recess or outside the vehicle, under the chassis. MoreMo tanks extend the application range with new possibilities - standing tanks.

Each tank must have appropriate fittings. The fittings with 4 openings are considered the highest class fittings, also known as the Dutch fittings, as this solution is most popular in Holland. It is also common in Belgium, Germany, Korea and Australia.       

MoreMo tanks are innovative LPG tanks distinguished by many advantages in comparison with ordinary toroidal tanks:



  • better use of the spare wheel recess - higher LPG capacity
  • many possibilities of configuration (lying, suspended, standing)
  • wide range of accessories (MVA, fittings with 4 openings)
  • large capacity tanks (up to 545 litres) for lorries and buses
  • better safety 
  • innovative, fast, single-point installation and limited intrusion in car body (single opening)
  • new mounting possibilities - single point installation
  • new applications and fast installation of fittings
  • modern design that enables manufacturing large tanks with lower weight
  • new possibilities of installation on vehicles

Our offer includes MoreMo toroidal tanks:

  • toroidal tanks with 4-hole equipment 30o
  • standing toroidal tanks with 4-hole equipment "STAND" - ABSOLUTELY NEW - for installation in a standing configuration
  • toroidal tanks with 4-hole eqipment 330o

Installation of tanks on vehicles:

MoreMo tanks have been designed with focus on simplification of their installation on vehicles. Available mounting solutions: in a single point (central screw cap), in two points (2 screws), in four points (4 clamps), fastening ring or special mounting for standing tanks.

MoreMo tanks may be used with a wide range of accessories - various valves and fluid meters along with which they have been attested. These tanks are available in various sizes: diameters from 565 up to 720 mm and heights from 180 up to 300 mm, which gives capacity from 33 up to 108 litres.