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The latest development in our ever expanding range of advanced gaseous fuel equipment for sequential gas injection system - VELA FREESTYLE!

Things are changing in the world of gas ECU.  The VELA Freestyle of the COMFORTline is entering the market, and by doing so it broadens the offer of ELPIGAZ. The VELA Freestyle is the 4th generation sequential gas injection system, developed for medium and higher class vehicles, equipped with 2-, 3- and 4-Cylinder engines with multipoint fuel injection system, a Lambda sensor, and power ranging between 20 and 250 HP. It can be applied together with LPG (propane-butane) and CNG (compressed methane).


The Strength lies in its Simplicity

The VELA draws attention by its smart design and high quality finish.  Its virtues are best summarised by three words: PLUG –> SETUP & GO!  The simplicity of connections allows for a faster conversion and a higher level of reliability.  The other benefits are an auto-adaptation, intuitive configuration and simple calibration of running on gas by means of a load graph – when it is done, the vehicle is ready to run on gas fuel.  Drivers get their own benefit too, that is a modernised, smart changeover switch.  The intelligent switch warns about the empty gas tank with a buzzer sound, and it is indicating the real gas level by means of a row of LEDs related to the engine consumption.

Advantages of Vela FREESTYLE control unit

    • Fitting application adapts to both LPG and CNG fuels
    • Space saving and very compact design
    • Simple installation and with plug and play for fast connection
    • Auto detection of RPM value and injection management type (*)
    • Equipped with all necessary sensros:
      • reducer temperature sensor
      • serial pressure and gas temperature sensor
      • engine load sensor (MAP)


  • Advanced diagnostics during the run on gas
  • Equal performance when running on gas and petrol
  • Extended functionality of the changeover switch
  • Extra tuning for winter and summer conditions
  • Intuitive (self) calibration when running on gas by means of using the same references as petrol 

(*Wire looms for petrol injectors to suit Bosch, Japan plugs are available 

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