About autogas we know everything

Elpigaz is a leading producer and supplier of the modern solutions for motorization in a range of vehicles` gas supply system, LPG tanks, pneumatics tanks and compressors. Our company has invested in research and development works for years, directed by our specialists. Most of the production is based on own technical and technological solutions, which the most important ones are patented in many countries around the world. Owing to these patents, the quality of manufactured products is on the world`s highest level..

History of the nowadays ELPIGAZ company is based on the history of two companies: Tanks production plant, which was established in 50`s as a ZMPT in Gorlice and Elpigaz company established in 1996, specialized in production, distribution and sale of wide assortment associated with LPG and CNG gas installations for cars. In March 2009 the merger of Elpigaz Ltd. and Polmocon Ltd. took place, which resulted in the formation of one company named Elpigaz Ltd. with a main office in Gdansk and Polmocon Production Plant (ZPZ) in Gorlice.

Over a span of couple years company`s activity, ELPIGAZ was time after time awarded and honoured for own products and activity. On the international arena of companies, which deal with Autogas, ELPIGAZ company is perceived as powerful and developing company. The President of Elpigaz, Grzegorz Jarzynski is invited to participate in many boards and organizations, which decide about the Autogas situation in many countries of the world. Due to a huge knowledge and experience of Grzegorz Jarzynski, many listeners during international Autogas conferences may benefit.

Company`s advantage is the biggest range of LPG tanks in the World. These tanks have wide range of using, like in the small passenger vehicles, through delivery vehicles, buses, up to heavy duty trucks. One of the most interesting solutions is our modern MoreMo and HIT tanks. These products fulfil all the requirements of domestic and European standards, what is certified by ISO 9001 Quality System. .

ELPIGAZ produce:

  • Modern toroidal LPG tanks: MoreMo (More & Modern) and Hit awarded European Medal Prize , which are characterized by Lower weight (20-30% lower than other tanks on the market). Available in versions: for MVA, 4 hole fittings, lying, hanging and standing,
  • Cylindrical LPG tanks – wide range od diameters, from D 200 to 450 mm,
  • LC (Large Capacity) LPG tanks – up to 500 dm3 dedicated to heavy trucks, buses etc.,
  • LPG, CNG reducers: Cometa-i (up to 150 HP), Drago (up to 160 HP), Fiore Forte (up to 200 HP), Vega-i (up to 250 HP), Vega-i Sport (above 250 HP),
  • Gas injectors: Argento, I-Plus, Rosso, Verde,
  • LPG tanks equipment: MVA AT02,
  • Air pressure tanks.

Elements of gas installations have necessary homologations in accordance with the regulations: 67R01 (for LPG), R110 (for CNG), GOST (Russia) and UkrCEPRO (Ukraine) certificates,

Gas installations sales - complete and branded LPG, CNG systems :

  • dedicated to petrol engines: EXCLUSIVEline – Stella OBD, COMFORTline – Stella Polare awarded INSPIRO 2012 Prize, POPULARline – Stella Nord,
  • dedicated to petrol engines with direct point injection: Stella 4DPI
  • with R 115 Homologation - more than 1000 cars,
  • dedicated to diesel engines (high-compression) – dual-fuel (diesel oil+LPG) system – DEGAmix system awarded INSPIRO 2011 Prize, which have homologations for assembly in all types of vehicles (categories: M1,N1,M2,N2,M3,N3) including ADR (vehicles transporting dangerous goods),