About autogas we know everything

ELPIGAZ is a leading producer and supplier of the modern solutions for motorization in a range of vehicles` gas supply system, LPG tanks, pneumatics tanks and compressors. Our company has been investing in research and development works, directed by our specialists for years. Most of the production is based on own technical and technological solutions, which the most important ones are patented in many countries. Owing to these patents, the quality of manufactured products is on the world`s highest level.

History of nowadays ELPIGAZ company is based on the history of two companies: Tanks production plant, which was established in 50`s as a ZMPT in Gorlice and Elpigaz company established in 1996, specialized in production, distribution and sale of wide assortment associated with LPG and CNG gas installations for cars. In March 2009 the merger of Elpigaz Ltd. and Polmocon Ltd. took place, which resulted in formation of one company named Elpigaz Ltd with a main office in Gdansk and Polmocon Production Plant (ZPZ) in Gorlice.


(22-28.IX) – organization of E-GIFT 2nd edition – route of LPG Green Convoy from Warsaw, through Lublin, Cracow, Wroclaw, up to Madrid where 28th of September started 23th World LPG Forum. In LPG Green Convoy appeared passenger cars, as well as, heavy trucks and utility vehicles showing that economic and eco-friendly LPG installations are available to  be assembled in almost every vehicle. While stopping in cities mentioned above, it was able to see the exhibition of vehicles powered by LPG or get advice from experts and take part in competitions.


(14-16.IX) – Elpigaz organizes European event in Autogas field – the first E-GIFT, European Gas Independent Fuel Tour – project of LPG promotion as an economical and eco-friendly petrol available right now. Within E-GIFT in Poland took place The First LPG Green Convoy, rally of vehicles powered by liquid gas: 1000 kilometres on LPG in 3 days, 400 participators in 5 conferences organized in the biggest Poland`s cities, 15 experts from the country and abroad, 12 different vehicles powered by LPG.


– 10th anniversary of “Jazda za grosze...” journal Published by Elpigaz company. This anniversary took place at hospitable Philharmonic of Gdansk with accompaniment of Kassak Brass Ensemble band.


(30.XI) – start of automatic Line for welding toroidal tanks in a Polmocon factory in Gorlice.


(22–23.IX) – 10th anniversary of Elpigaz company at castle in Gniew.

– purchase of Polmo company and creation of Polmocon. At the start of 2006 year within the change of the owner, proceeded the change of name from Motorization Equipment Plant to Polmocon Ltd.


(13.I) – Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 was introduced in Elpigaz.


(7.IX) – Ceremonial opening of the second chassis dynamometer in Elpigaz company (branch in Bedzin).

(3.II) – on the grounds of a decision of Shareholders Meeting, Mr JacekJarzynski took place of Elpigaz Ltd. CEO. Function of VP took Mr ZdzisławPogonowski.

(9.I) – introduction of GEO-1. Twelve Assembly Workshops joined the agreement of providing maintenance services, parts replacements, adjustments and periodic inspections of gas installations in cars, made in specific assembly workshops.


(14.III) – Celebratory inauguration of Elpigaz`s branch in Warsaw. This branch was accountable for service of customers not only from Poland, but from the east border as well.


(8.V) - Elpigaz became the member of the Polish Organization of Liquid Gas.

– branch in Bedzin was created due to the vast progress of gas installation assembly for cars in this region.

– opening of Elpigaz`s station in Moscow (Russia) due to the growth of the interest in car`s gas installation on the Russian market, especially in Elpigaz`s products.


(17.XII) – Elpigaz changed his legal status into Ltd. Company – registration of Elpigaz Ltd.

(24.XI) – celebration of 5th anniversary of Elpigaz company: meeting of Distributors and Sales Representatives in Rzemieslnik Hotel (Gdansk)


(28.XII) – Elpigaz received Certificate of installation assembly homologation adjusting vehicle to gas powering PL*0011*00/G published by The Ministry of Infrastructure.

– opening the first regional Elpigaz`s branch in Poznan due to easier cooperation between customers and Elpigaz.


(02.XI) – agreement between Elpigaz and DAEWOO CENTRE Ltd. about the opportunity of gas powering dosing for power unit with Elpigaz`s installations in DAEWOO vehicles.

(24-27.V) – Elpigaz`s Authorized Distributors meeting in Rokosowo.

– Creating of the Authorized Distributor network. Since the Elpigaz`s existence, its work has been based on authorized distributor network and authorized workshops. This cooperation has been stacking up for many years of Elpigaz work.

(1.II) – The first issue of "Jazda za grosze…” journal was published


(26.VI) – The ELPIGAZ Civil Law Partnership is established due to sign of an agreement between Mr GrzegorzJarzynski and Mr JacekJarzynski.


– registration of ELPIGAZ Szumiłowo 9 RadzynChelminski with Office in Gdansk at Szybowcowa 14 street.

History of Polmo company in Gorlice


– 1976 – the newest produced buses are equipped with POLMO tanks.


(12.V) – a patent application for the aggregate compressor is being raised in the Patent Office.


– change of the company`s name to Automotive Hardware Plant “POLMO” Ltd in Gorlice.


– change of the company`s name to POLMO-AUTOSAN.


(20.XII) - A patent application for the instrument for plate perforation is being raised in the the Patent Office.


– organizational and name change - Metal Plant in Gorlice functions further as an agency of Welding Machinery Plants ASPA in Wroclaw.


– 1952 - ZMPT in Gorlice started production of pneumatic tanks for domestic farm tractors – URSUS.


– establishment of POLMO Automotive Industry Incorporation, which functions in PRL up to 1982, and rise of POLMO Cars Producers Association. POLMO consists of POLMO-AUTOSAN Plants in Gorlice.